DIY Simple Investing: A Guide To Simple But Effective Low Cost Investing

DIY Simple Investing: A Guide to Simple but Effective Low Cost Investing

by John Edwards

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A simple guide to help ordinary people better understand the investment process. The average person leads a busy enough life - work, family, social events etc. without having to think too hard about stocks and shares, pensions and ISAs. At the same time, with cash returns at an all time low, they want to make the most of saving for the future. Unfortunately many do not trust financial institutions such as banks to give them good advice and they cannot afford the upfront fees and ongoing charges of a professional adviser. Maybe all they really want or need is a simple, low cost DIY solution which makes sense and which they can implement with a minimum of fuss. The book is based upon the author's personal experience of investing and will benefit those wanting to develop a buy-and-forget, low cost all-in-one strategy using passive index funds.






































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